Renewable gas overtakes fossil, as truckers go green

8th April 2020
“Clean, low carbon gas powered vehicles are an obvious, sustainable choice for transport”, says the head of the Gas Vehicle Networks (GVN), Mike Foster. Following GVN analysis on the fuel source of gas vehicles, since 2018.
  • White gas powered heavy goods vehicle truck

Mike Foster, CEO of the Gas Vehicle Network said:

“GVN statistics on the total dispensed volume of gas for transport fuel in 2018 show that 55.5 per cent of gas for transport fuel was biomethane-a renewable and sustainable fuel. GVN anticipate this figure to rise for 2019 statistics.”

“Biomethane fuelled HGVs emit [i]85 per cent less carbon into the atmosphere compared to a ‘clean’ Euro 6 diesel. The sector accounts for a disproportionate share (17%) of transport carbon emissions but only 2 per cent of vehicles on our roads are HGVs and buses, and they travel 6 per cent of miles.”

“The road ahead is clear for fleet managers and Government to achieve substantial carbon savings by 2025. Switch to low carbon gas powered heavy vehicle transport.”

“In addition, thanks to the work of the Gas Vehicle Network, the government has in place a fuel duty differential until 2032, making it financial a sensible decision to switch to gas from diesel.”

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