Renewable gas in transport could deliver more than 4.5 billion fuel cost saving per year

17th June 2020
Leading industry trade body, the Gas Vehicle Network, GVN, welcomed the release of a new leaflet on the current uptake and future potential of biomethane in a decarbonised transport sector, which further reinforces the undeniable benefits of biomethane as a transport fuel.
  • NGVA lealfet small

The leaflet- launched by the European Biogas Association, EBA, and the Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association, NGVA Europe- illustrates the current uptake of biomethane in the transport sector and its potential in the coming years.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs, the Gas Vehicle Network said:

This leaflet adds weight to biomethane as a fast track to decarbonise transport. Clean, low carbon, renewable gas powered vehicles are an obvious, sustainable solution for the freight and transport industry. GVN statistics show that in 2019 almost 80% of the total dispensed volume of gas for transport fuel was biomethane-a renewable and sustainable low carbon fuel - a 22% increase from 2018,”

“EBA and NGVA estimate that by 2030, Europe’s natural gas vehicle fleet of about 13 million vehicles would result in a yearly fuel cost saving of more than 4.5 billion Euros, compared to conventional fuels. Making renewable gas vehicles an obvious direct route to lower operating costs and significant environmental benefits.”

 “As highlighted in the leaflet. By 2030, the European fleet of about 13.2 million gas vehicles will save 15 megatons of CO2 which is equivalent to: Planting 755 million trees or flying 3.2 million times around the world.”

“The UK Government is now consulting on transport decarbonisation referencing output from the Low Emission Freight Trial (LEFT) which took place last year.  The trial included 2 biomethane projects.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that, biomethane as a transport fuel can, and will deliver substantial financial and carbon savings for Fleet managers and Government as they adopt low carbon, renewable gas powered heavy vehicle transport.”