Current activity

To develop and create value for UK plc from a thriving NGV industry.

NGVN are urging the government to be putting policies in place to support the development and deployment of natural gas vehicles;

  • Wider introduction of Clean Air Zones including at UK ports, in addition to those already suggested.
  • Encourage existing and planned congestion charging in low emission zones to treat NGVs in a similar way to other low emission technologies.
  • Allow night-time deliveries with quiet natural gas vehicles.
  • Promote a range of technologies for buses beyond hybrids.
  • Adopt fuel taxation which reflects the impact of fuels on the environment.
  • Promote alternative low emission vehicle bids in public tendering where economically viable.
  • Enact into UK legislation the European Weights and Dimensions Directive.
  • Development of a central plan to help developers and local authorities build natural gas filling stations, particularly for vehicles operating urban-drive cycles which contribute most to poor air quality.
  • Recognition that decarbonising transport will need alternative approaches and not just blind faith that electric cars will tackle the problem, especially as electric cars currently use power generated from a carbon emitting grid.