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Ian McCluskey, HSSE & Technical Manager

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Through their product brands AvantiGas and AvantiGas AutoGas, AvantiGas delivers cost-efficient, reliable and safe energy solutions, tailored to their clients’ needs.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean burning fuel with high combustion efficiency. It is a safe and reliable energy supply, perfect for home or commercial use. Its portable and flexible usage encourages a wide range of applications.

LPG is used for space and water heating solutions, cooking and air conditioning applications, industrial or agricultural processes and powering vehicles and fleets.

AvantiGas serves diverse business sectors worldwide. Drawing on global expertise, delivering local solutions. AvantiGas pride ourselves on delivering professional operations using experienced technical, distribution and logistics expertise with high safety standards.

Safety is of paramount importance in all their operations. AvantiGas installs tanks and supplies its products in full compliance with local health & safety regulations. Avanti have a team of experienced LPG experts who can provide you with all the essential information and support you need.

Whether you are a business or home customer, AvantiGas will help you make the right energy choices.

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