About NGV

The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Network has been formed to promote natural gas vehicles as a transport solution, to accelerate development of the NGV industry and to encourage increased use of natural gas (both Liquid Natural Gas – LNG and Compressed Natural Gas – CNG) and biomethane as low emission transport fuels.

The NGV Network brings together major UK companies across the NGV industry supply chain who are driving the increasing use of gas as a transport fuel. These includes network operators, infrastructure providers, vehicle manufacturers, fuel providers and logistics companies. (see Our Members).

The Network is a member funded body that promotes better understanding of the strategic potential for the natural gas vehicle industry in the UK. It promotes a collective and collaborative views, rather than the position of single members or single groups of members.


Grow your business in the Natural Gas Vehicle industry.

When you are looking for positive decisions to be made in the industry, you can either go it alone or get the entire Natural Gas Vehicle Network to stand behind you. The value in the Network is its Members – their expertise, contacts and experience. Sometimes having many supporting voices can help to drive the changes that you need.

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