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Natural Gas Vehicles can reduce deaths related to air pollution

Natural Gas Vehicles and in particular natural gas HGVs are an ideal solution to reducing NOx and carbon emissions from transport  and can therefore help to reduce the number of deaths related to air pollution says the Natural Gas Vehicles Network, NGVN in response to the new report on Air quality from the Environment, Food […]

2020 renewable target is not ‘feasible or desirable’ says NGV Network

Responding to the current 2020 renewable heat and transport targets inquiry, the Natural Gas Vehicles Network, NGVN does not believe the current policies will deliver the 2020 targets, or that a 2020 renewable target is either feasible or desirable. Mike Foster of NGVN said “We need to stop focusing on the short term and look […]

Cleaner systems make for warmer homes

There was a poignant obituary in the Times last week for the late David MacKay. It mentioned his hospital stay, before his untimely passing, and how the ward was oppressively hot with no temperature sensor or control. But, he commented, it did have state of the art telephone–TV devices (that few people used). Sir David […]

Put energy efficiency at the heart of policy for London – EUA advises London Mayoral candidates

Ahead of the elections for London Mayor, taking place on 5th May, the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA call on the successful candidate to put energy efficiency at the heart of policy for London. EUA recommends that the incoming candidate: Extend the boiler scrappage scheme The current scheme offers a financial incentive to replace a […]

Green gas is Top of the Pops

Those of us, of a certain age that is, that try to re-live our youth often end up doing so by listening to Radio 2, with its familiar music and presenters. Last week, I was “drivin” while “listenin” to Steve Wright at the point in his show when he and his colleagues look at what’s […]


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