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Chive Fuels and Calor


Quick facts

Calor began operating in 1935 with the aim of bringing clean, efficient and modern energy solutions to homes and businesses across Great Britain.

Today, Calor is Britain’s leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and continues to play a vital role in meeting rural energy requirements in a sustainable way.

Chive Fuels was created in 1997 providing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a cheaper and cleaner alternative to Diesel, Gas Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil to power HGV vehicles.

Calor is also now the UK’s leading supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) after acquiring 100% of Chive Fuels in 2014. Through this acquisition, Calor is now able to offer LNG as a transport and energy solution to both heavy good vehicle operators and large scale energy users located off the grid.


Chive Fuels & Calor are involved in the NGV Network as we are keen to influence, develop and shape the Natural Gas Vehicle market going forward by supporting a wide range of industry professionals whom are involved within this steering group and its associated sub-groups to drive this industry forward focusing on heavy goods vehicles and buses using natural gas.

Since its creation in 2014, Chive Fuels & Calor have been part of a number of sub-groups that have been established from the NGV Network Steering Committee.

Active within each of these sub-groups are key personal from the business to ensure that the relevant expertise is not only actively involved but can add value to the group they are participating in. The sub-groups that Chive Fuels & Calor are participating in are:

Influencing and Engagement
Technical Standards

Chive Fuels & Calor look forward to developing this market through working with the NGV Network and its partners going forward.

Chive Fuels currently have the largest public access network of LNG stations across Great Britain. Click here to see a map of current locations.

An expansion strategy is well under way to develop this network further. A number of sites have been identified and work is being undertaken to install the refuelling stations at these key locations.

One of which, Lockerbie is due to open Q4 2015, with a number of additional stations on line by the end of the year and further planned expansion to be undertaken in early 2016.

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